Now Is The Time

It sure seems like things are getting pretty upside down in the world right now, and getting turned inside out on top of that.  One can’t help but wonder what is going on, and where is it all going to end up.  Unrest is growing in intensity, not just in other parts of the world but also here in America.  Lines are being drawn between different groups of people, and different ideologies of life and government.  Corruption is widespread from the highest levels of government all the way down to some of the most impoverished in society.  Violence is increasing to the point, and stirred up by some, that cold-blooded murder is becoming rampant from coast to coast, even to the point of targeting law enforcement.  What do we have to look forward to?


Have you ever been in one of those situations where the time had come that you had to react?  You know what I mean, where you just know it’s one of those “it’s now or never” moments?  We are speedily approaching that point in time where “it’s now or never”, if we’re not already there.  Am I talking about taking up arms to protect and defend ourselves and others?  Am I talking about moving to the mountains to get off the power grid and live in isolation, living as a hermit of sorts?  No, I’m not talking about either of those, or anything else of the sort.  What I’m referring to is something far greater in importance than any of those I mentioned.  I’m referring to one’s eternal destination.


Ever since God placed Resounding Shophar on my heart some 25 years ago, it has been my desire first and foremost to sound the alarm of the soon and imminent return of Jesus for His bride.  That desire was coupled with the sense of urgency to encourage and challenge people to make sure they are ready and prepared for His return.  That doesn’t mean that I have all the answers, or that I’ve mastered in my life what it means to be a child of God or His ambassador.  It just means that I’ve been willing and available to do it.


Over the years I have written short stories to help people remember Christ is returning and to refocus their eyes with that truth in mind.  I’ve challenged people in areas that they may have thought was unrelated to, or had no bearing on, the return of Christ and their readiness for it.  I’ve written about what it means to be ready when that trumpet sounds, as well as mindsets and behaviors that may cause some to not be ready when that time comes.  I’ve encouraged people to not live in the regrets or the “what if’s” of the past, but instead with an assurance of an eternity with Christ that awaits those who live for and place their trust in Him.  I’ve routinely written about the condition and attitudes of one’s heart, as well as the two mindsets I refer to as “kissing cousins”, legalism and extreme or hyper-grace.  I’ve written about the presence of unconfessed sin of an unrepentant heart, and those who choose to continue in sin finding ways to justify or rationalize why it’s okay to continue in it, and how that sin and mindset can interfere with their readiness for Christ and their plans for an eternity in heaven.  I’ve tackled the idea that all Christians will go up in the rapture when that trumpet sounds, and even the views held by some that there will be no literal, physical rapture of any kind.  I’ve even attempted to not only show Biblically how we can be assured of a coming rapture for the Church, but also why I believe it to be one that takes place prior to the seven years of God’s judgment we call the Tribulation Period.


I’ve shared my heart with Biblical support over the years regarding Christ’s return and our need to be ready when that trumpet sounds.  I realize there are different views regarding this subject matter within church circles, and some can even be supported in part with scripture.  I learned a long time ago that each person chooses what they believe, who they will believe, and what information they consider true and factual whether or not it truly is.  With that realization, I know that it is entirely up to you what you say or do with what I’ve written and presented over the years.  Do I have all the answers on this subject, and am I 100% right in what I’ve shared?  No, and probably not, but I have shared to the best of my ability and understanding what I believe God’s word has to say on the subject, and what God’s heart for us is as we see that day quickly approaching. 


I believe humanity in general, and Christians more specifically, are now in a position, or quickly speeding to it, where the term “it’s now or never” is sounding long and loud for people to get ready for Christ’s return for His Bride.  When we see things unraveling all around us and the world, and things speedily lining up for events specifically laid out in Scripture for the tribulation period, we have to understand that time is quickly running out for people to prepare and get ready for Christ’s return.  The abundant fulfillment of Biblical end-time prophesy right before our eyes I believe is the midnight call of Christ’s very imminent return.  No matter what your views are regarding the return of Christ, it would be wise for you to take the necessary steps to be watching and ready for Him when that time comes.  It’s not so much an issue of when you think He will be returning, but whether or not you are going to be ready when He does.  It doesn’t matter what you believe about the continuing presence of unrepentant sin in your life, sin that you’ve justified as okay and acceptable in your life, it would be wise to deal with it and get it out of your life.  No matter what you believe, are you willing to risk losing eternity in heaven by choosing to continue in a sin you have justified as acceptable and okay in your life on the basis of grace?  No matter what, NOW IS THE TIME for you to make sure you are ready and prepared for Him!




John Johansson (Pastor John)

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