The Triumph of Truth

Have you ever had someone lie about you before? More than likely, most, if not all of us, have had that happen to us at one time or another.  And for some of us, we are still feeling the impact of such lies several years after the fact.  How many of you would agree with me that going through something like that isn’t real fun?


Lies can destroy someone, including their reputation, faster than most anything else. Lies hurt, and often times are accompanied with betrayal, where someone you trusted apparently thought it okay to speak so negatively about you.  I knew someone years ago that taught me that there are always two sides to every story, and how true that is.  While we know that to be true there is a tendency by many to make a judgment before hearing both sides.  This is another situation where betrayal can be felt, when someone you trusted and respected, a friend, decided to make a judgment against you without first getting your side of the story.  The impact of lies can make the person lied against feel alienated and alone, thinking that no one really cares about or likes them.  Lies can forever taint or twist the perception of people against the one who was lied about, destroying relationships that have been decades in the making in one fail swoop.  Lies can even lay to waste any opportunity for that person to advance themselves in any way.


When someone or some group begins to spread lies about you, it hurts and can trigger a desire to retaliate in some way. It is in these times that bitterness and resentment can begin to take root within us if we are not careful, and we do need to be careful.  Oh, we may not become vindictive and seek to avenge ourselves, but we may hang onto it through unforgiveness.  As Christians, to not forgive is not an option if we want God’s forgiveness for ourselves.  It’s just that simple.  I’m not saying that it’s always easy to forgive, or that the person even deserves the forgiveness, but then again when and how did we deserve God’s forgiveness?  Forgiveness is not necessarily emotional, though emotions can follow and become a part of it, but forgiveness is a conscious choice we make.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it is far easier to forgive someone right away than if we wait till later.  The longer we choose to not forgive someone, not only does it become harder to forgive them in the future, but it also makes it easier to not forgive others when they hurt or offend us even though they have absolutely nothing to do with it.


We need to remember a couple things when lies are spoken against us, things that will help you remain healthy emotionally and spiritually. I already commented on the first one, being forgiving, and the sooner the better.  I might add that God is always ready to help us forgive when it’s hard to do so, but we have to want to and to let Him help us.  If we choose to not forgive, we will be miserable and full of anger, both of which will continue to eat us up, either until we decide to forgive or throughout eternity apart from God.  So, forgive, and don’t waste any time in doing so.  Don’t wait!


The second thing to remember when lies are spoken against us comes from a comment I heard a minister once make. He made the comment, “The truth will always outlive the lie”.  Wow, what a statement.  That is so very true when you think about it.  It doesn’t matter how powerful the lie was, how impacting and destructive it is, or even who was behind it, it will at one time or another be exposed for what it was.  No, it may not be exposed in the very near future, but it will one day be exposed.  It may not even be in this lifetime, but it will be exposed.  When we, and we all will, stand before God the lies will be exposed and the liar will be judged accordingly.  When the lies are exposed and the liar judged, the judgment will be final.  So, if we can remember this truth and rest in it then we have nothing to fear.  God will take care of us and defend us against our accusers.  It may not come as we think or how we would like it, it may not even come when we want it to, but He will defend us if we keep our hearts right before Him.  If we keep our hearts right before Him, which requires forgiveness on our part towards the liars, we will see Him defend us and He will do a much better job of it than we could ever imagine.


Are you forgiving? Or should I ask is there anyone that you haven’t forgiven?  If so, you need to forgive them because God desires to forgive you, otherwise He won’t forgive.  It’s our choice to make, but as followers of Jesus to not forgive is not an option.


And, if we can rest in the fact that the truth will always outlive a lie, trusting that God is watching over us and will defend us, then retaliation and vengeance is not an option and we can have a peace that goes beyond the wisdom of man. Can you trust God knowing that He will take care of and defend you?


Truth will triumph over lies. Truth will outlive the lies.  And, God’s truth will triumph!



John Johansson

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