Ever ask yourself, “What is going on????”

Okay. Here in America we’ve seen Obamacare survive the examination of the United States Supreme Court. We’re also seeing very out of the ordinary weather and various types of natural disasters throughout the country.

In the world we’re seeing things heat up in the middle east as countries try to find a away to stop Syria’s internal war which involves killing civilians.  Countries are hurriedly positioning significant amounts of troops and military equipment into key positions preparing for war.  We also have Iran pursuing nuclear weapons with the determination to use those same weapons on both Israel and the United States.

And then there is both the European and United States economies which are both on the brink of collapse.  The United States is teetering on the edge of an economic cliff, and it’s trying through counterproductive measures to avoid that.  The European economy is crumbling and one wrong move in an attempt to reverse this could spell its quick demise.

Oh, and let us not forget about the recent deal between Saudi Arabia and China, a deal that guarantees China an unlimited supply of oil through 2035, no matter what happens on the world scene, in exchange for supplying Saudi Arabia with both nuclear weapons and the construction of military nuclear sites within Saudi Arabia that both countries will protect with their militaries.  The interesting thing about this is that it gives China a very strong interest in the middle east, an interest that would give them all the incentive they need to send 200 million troops into the middle east to protect. Isn’t that prophesied in the Bible?

These are just a sample of the things going on in the world today, both within the United States and abroad.  There is no question that things seem to be heating up in all areas of life, politically, economically, militarily, socially, technologically, and spiritually, just to name a few.  The world is bracing for some pretty significant solar flares that could really mess things up for electronically dependent societies, and Israel is working hard to protect it’s right to exist as a people and as a soverign state.

What does all this mean?  More specifically, what does this mean for you?  It would be one thing if Christians were alone in making these observations, but that is not the case.  People throughout the world, non-Christians, see clearly and comment about what is happening and have significant concerns regarding what is in store for all of us in the very near future, some even experiencing fear from them.  For those of us who are followers of Jesus, and please note I did not say ‘Christians’ as many call themselves but do not truly follow Jesus, it is a time to be looking to the sky with excitement as we know our redemption draws near.  The trumpet will sound and those who are followers of Jesus, both among the living and the dead, will be called away to join Jesus to forever live with Him.  For those who are not followers of Christ, this is a time to be very concerned about your future and eternal destination and to enter into a saving relationship with Christ on His terms.  For those who are not followers of Christ this is a time that will be filled with great fear and/or great deception of better times ahead.  The great people of ‘spin’ will do their best to add their ‘spin’ to what is happening in order to get people to buy the lies they are ‘selling’ and perhaps believing themselves.

If you are one of those who are concerned about what is happening in the world, I strongly encourage you to surrender your lives to Jesus.  That is your only hope in light of what is ‘coming down the pipes’ as we watch the evening news.  This is not the time to be playing Russian Roulette with your eternity and gamble that the Bible is wrong and that true, pure Christianity is just a fantasy of imaginations.

John Johansson – www.resoundingshophar.com

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