Be Watching …

Imagine for yourself that you are on your way to Denver, CO.  You’ve recently heard that someone in your family has prepared for you a house on some property near some of the world’s best snow ski resorts, a place that will be yours to stay in as long as you live.  This family member is so excited about you moving his way that he’s personally flying out in his Learjet to come get you.  You know his arrival is soon because he told you, and so you’ve gone to the airport watching and waiting for him to arrive.  You know it’s important to be watching because he’s on a time schedule and has to return as quick as possible for his next appointment.

While you’re waiting you hear of some intense storm clouds coming your way, and after a while you begin to see them in the distance.  Apparently this storm is stronger than usual because you notice all kinds of preparations being made to secure both the air craft on the ground and the buildings themselves.  People are working as hard as they can to ensure that they not only endure the storm, but that after the storm has passed they will be able to show themselves victorious over the storms deadly presence.  As you see and hear of the reports of the storm coming over the radio and the televisions located in the lobby, you begin to start thinking of all kinds of things.  You begin thinking about the people who are dear to you and the things you will be leaving behind, wondering how they will fare as the outer edges of the storm begin to hit the airport.  You are really getting mesmerized by what you are seeing and hearing.  After a while you just have to get your mind off of things and go looking for some shops to browse through and maybe get something to eat, all the while forgetting about the flight you are waiting for.  Not only have you forgotten about it, but when you do think about it you can’t possibly think that he would be arriving in the midst of such activity.  Surely he’s been told he couldn’t continue flying into your airport until after the storm passes, especially since it seems he has been delayed in coming.

All of a sudden all the activity in the place has jumped into full panic mode.  Not only has the storm arrived hitting the airport in its full flurry, but a number of buildings have gone completely flat and a number of people are missing.  In the midst of such activity people are in full panic looking for the missing people, and you begin to be fearful for your loved ones as well.  After this storm passes you hear that other more powerful storms are on their way, and it is then that you remember the flight you’ve been waiting for.  You inquire of some of the attendants if they could find out the status of the plane, and they tell you that it is heading back to Denver, CO.  You begin to wonder when he will return to come get you when they inform you that it already came and left.  You’re not sure if you heard them right so you ask them to repeat what they’ve said.  They repeat what they’ve told you and continue to tell you how that the plane made a quick landing and taxi to the boarding station.  They continued to tell you that it only waited a couple minutes before having to make a sudden take off just as the storm was beginning to hit the airport full force.  They weren’t sure, but they we thinking that maybe some of the people that were missing had quickly boarded the plane in the hopes of getting to safety.

Jesus tells us that He’s gone to prepare a place for us, and when it’s time He will come again to take His bride home (John 14:1-4).  He also tells us that we don’t know when He will return, and because of this we are to be both waiting and WATCHING for Him to return (Matthew 24:36-44).  He even goes so far as to say that we need to pray we are counted worthy to escape the things that will come upon the earth, implying that just watching isn’t enough (Luke 21:34-36).  Where do you see yourself?  Are you the person that is waiting and watching for their flight only to get distracted by what is happening around them?  Or, are you going to be the person that in the midst of everything going on around them will keep their eyes looking out for the plane coming in knowing that their eternal safety hinges on that one flight?

Jesus is coming back, and the impending storm that the world sees is growing and getting closer each day, and with that we know that Jesus’ return is that much closer.  Don’t get distracted about what you see and hear, or even in your own plans and agendas, because you then run the risk of missing the plane.  Jesus doesn’t want anyone to miss it and that is why He’s given us such warnings.  Biblical prophesies regarding the seven year tribulation period that is to come are being fulfilled before our eyes in warp speed, and knowing that Jesus will come before it begins should tell us to keep our eyes out for the plane all the more.  I’m sounding the shophar because His return is imminent and we need to watch for Him.

Wait and watch for His return, and pray that you are counted worthy to escape that which is coming to this world.

John Johansson

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