Hello.  This is both my first blog and my first post on a blog site, so pardon me as I learn this process and really start getting into the feel of it. 

Well, it sure looks like Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes.  There is so much going on within our country and around the world, one can only wonder what is next.  Of course, we know what is next on God’s prophetic timetable, namely the rapture, but when that will be is yet to be known.  I see and hear what is going on and find myself concerned about an apparent apathy within the church.  I’m reminded of the scriptures that talk of a great falling away from the faith before His return, and Jesus’ words relating to those who say, “Lord, lord, did we not ….”, and I get concerned about the church, His church.  Oh, that we will awake out of our slumber and arise and prepare for His soon return.  May we all keep that in mind as we go throughout the day in our daily activities.

This was a short one, that is for sure, but I’ll be back.  Have a great evening and God bless.

Copyright 2012 – John Johansson

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